Early Flowering Daffodils – A Headache for Growers!

The daffodils pictured in full flower and even past their best are from my local park – usually they wouldn’t look like this until late March or early April. The unusually mild February weather could result in a national shortage of daffodils by Easter apparently unseasonably warm temperatures have resulted in huge demand for the […]

My New Compost Heap

Since I moved into my current address almost five years ago I have been using  the cylindrical upright type of polycarbonate compost bin left in a corner of the garden by the previous owners. Judging by the clean state of the bin when I started using it I think I was the first to put […]

Green Manure

Whenever a visitor comes to the allotments in the summer they are usually over awed and inspired by the huge array of sights and smells befuddling their senses. During the winter season however it takes more of a connoisseur to appreciate what is going on in the ground – to the untrained eye it can […]