Orchid Mania at RHS Chatsworth House Flower Show

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be invited to the Royal Horticultural Society’s flower show at the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire’s home in Chatsworth House Derbyshire. The stately home and 105 acre sculpted gardens attract thousands of visitors every year. Last year the RHS held one of its world famous flower shows […]

Seed Sowing For a Uniform Lawn

Last week I wrote about the advantages of growing your own lawn from seed including choosing the perfect mixture of seed type to suit your requirements and growing conditions, and preparing the ground for your new lawn.   Final Ground Preparation Now that you’ve prepared your sowing area, ensuring that it is weed and rubble […]


Everyone has heard of propagating new plants from cuttings – us gardeners are notorious for helping ourselves to cuttings from here there and everywhere – usually with the excuse that we are doing the owners a favour by pruning their overgrown plants…. However there is a less well know though much more effective way of […]